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Meet Jennifer Gilman, the vibrant force behind New Way Health Coach, a functional medicine health coaching business like no other. Jennifer’s own health struggles, including a weak immune system, thyroid issues, and an autoimmune disease, led her down a fascinating path towards holistic wellness.

Initially captivated by the wonders of plant medicine, Jennifer attained multiple certifications, seeking natural solutions to reclaim her vitality. However, she soon realized that the real magic happened when she combined her knowledge with the art of coaching. With enthusiasm, she continued her professional development and attained national board certifications at several different coaching schools discovering that the functional medicine health coach approach, combined with dietary theories held the key to long-lasting and transformative lifestyle changes.

Recognizing the pressing need to expand her reach and make a profound impact, Jennifer bid farewell to her solopreneur days. With chronic health issues plaguing our world, she realized that a broader platform for wellness coaches was necessary to enact meaningful change. And so, New Way Health Coach was born.

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Welcome to New Way Health Coach. Thank you for stopping by!

Why functional medicine

At New Way Health Coach, our mission is to make healthy lifestyle changes possible to all who desire this change. Our vision is to help individuals with chronic health issues not only heal but also thrive in their lives. By assembling a team of functional medicine trained holistic health coaches who align with this mission and vision, we can ensure that a greater number of people can benefit from this proven method of coaching.

Join Jennifer and her team on this exciting adventure towards optimal health and discover a new way of living that brings out the best version of you. Together, let’s rewrite your health story and unlock a vibrant future brimming with possibilities.

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Your Team

All hold Certification as a Holistic Health Coach


Specialty: Prolonging health and minimizing risks. More…


Specialty: Supporting the well-being of growing families. More…


Specialty: Elevating energy and improving sleep. More…


Specialty: Transforming hormone health; diabetes, thyroid, and more…

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Nathan Dion
Nathan Dion
November 29, 2023
I have alway struggled with consistency and balance regarding nutrition (understanding what to eat and more importantly how much I should eat). I am so glad that I was recommended Jennifer! We set up a discovery call and I felt really heard and comfortable talking with Jennifer about where I was and the health goals I wanted to achieve moving forward. I feel better than ever now with a clear plan of action for my nutritional goals and the accountability of Jennifer and her team! I highly recommend New Way Health Coach!
Debbie Bergfeld
Debbie Bergfeld
November 28, 2023
Amazing results. But you also have to do the work. My A1c was 7.1 got it to 6.4 Jennifer is awesome. I feel so comfortable talking honestly about issues with eating, all of it. If learned to meditate which helps with my stress. I lost 15lbs Highly recommend
Meredith Moran
Meredith Moran
September 7, 2023
My experience with New Way Health Coach has been fantastic! While I thought I had some plans in place when I started, Emily has helped me hone in on what my real goals are, and how to move toward them in ways that work for me. Emily has also challenged me to think about things in my own way and never "straight up" gives me the answer. My outlook on my health and life goals is much more focused now and I feel confident moving forward even if I have to pivot the plan as life changes.
Allison K.
Allison K.
August 16, 2023
I was referred to Jennifer after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and wasn’t sure, at first, of what to expect. What I quickly discovered is that Jennifer has a deep understanding that we are multi-dimensional, and she addresses that with her holistic approach. She didn’t singularly discuss my health concern, but additionally addressed the other factors of mind and spirit to help me learn to live more peacefully as one key component to my care. Each of our calls is completely customized. Over the months that we’ve been meeting, she has provided me with incredibly helpful tools that I can pull from in daily life, and she has helped me to more thoroughly recognize how to use my personal strengths to combat stressors that can otherwise further aggravate the health issues that I’m dealing with. What a beautiful realization! Jennifer is a wonderful person to have in your life.
Lari Averbeck
Lari Averbeck
August 2, 2023
I highly recommend Jennifer Gilman as a Health Coach and a Life Coach. She shares a lifetime of experience and research with her clients to help them live healthier, happier, more balanced lives. She is a great listener and customizes plans for each person, depending on their specific issues and where they are in their journey. She has an incredible toolbox of knowledge and pathways to help her clients. One of my favorite things about Jennifer is that she is always learning and growing herself to live her best life, and share what she knows with the world! Thank you Jen for helping me on my quest for continued growth and improvement in my health, and on my journey!
Andrea Jean
Andrea Jean
July 17, 2023
Accountability is huge especially when making changes to our overall health. It has helped to have guidance and encouragement through this long journey. Understanding our body takes the overall threat out of the equation, and you begin to take your power back. Having a health coach is a wonderful experience it gives you this positive reinforcement to never give up and to keep moving forward.
Jesse L.
Jesse L.
July 6, 2023
I am beyond grateful for the exceptional guidance and support my mom received from Jennifer Gilman at New Way Health Coach. Jennifer's expertise and dedication have completely transformed my mom's life, specifically in addressing her long-standing issue of unhealthy eating habits. My mom had been stuck in a cycle of relying on a "bread and peanut butter diet" for as long as I can remember. It was a constant worry for me, as I could see the negative impact it had on her overall health, even to the point of causing permanent damage to her Thyroid. Despite various attempts by others, nobody could successfully convince her to make significant changes until she began working with Jennifer. Jennifer's approach to coaching is truly remarkable. She not only educated my mom on the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle but also provided the necessary tools and ongoing support to implement these changes effectively. Her knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition and wellness were evident throughout the entire coaching process. Witnessing the positive transformation in my mom has been nothing short of miraculous. She now proudly shares how much better she feels since embracing the healthier lifestyle Jennifer encouraged. The change has not only impacted her physical well-being but has also improved her overall mood and energy levels. I couldn't be happier knowing that my mom is on the path to long-lasting health and well-being. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Jennifer Gilman and New Way Health for their dedication and commitment to making a real difference in people's lives. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking professional guidance and support in achieving a healthier lifestyle. She is a true expert who genuinely cares about her clients, and her impact is truly life-changing. Thank you, Jennifer, for helping my mom discover a new way of living, and for giving me peace of mind knowing that she is on the right track to a healthier and happier future. Sincerely, Jesse
Brittany Ranew
Brittany Ranew
June 15, 2023
I’ve worked with Jennifer Gilman at New Way Health for the last year and she has helped me achieve health goals I didn’t think were possible! She took me through step by step ways to change my lifestyle and it was all in alignment with what I wanted to achieve, not what she thought was best. She really listens and helps her clients make progress in a way that feels good for them!


what we offer

Empowerment Package

It’s time to take charge of your health! Embark on a transformative journey to overcome your health challenges and achieve your wellness goals. It’s time for your victory!

Our comprehensive 3-month Package offers:

One 60-minute video consultation
Four subsequent 30-minute follow-up sessions
Unlimited online messaging support
Personalized plans focusing on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and relationships
Access to unlimited resources to support your healthy lifestyle modifications

BONUS: Book today and get FREE ACCESS to our Healthie app to track your progress, marking every milestone.

Together, let’s celebrate your wins and progress towards a healthier, happier you.

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holistic health coach services


We’ve got a knack for coaching our clients to the root cause of their long-standing health challenges. Whether you’re just beginning your health journey or a self-proclaimed professional at crushing health and wellness protocols, we’ve got effective strategies that we curate with you…coaching you to next level wellness! 

This 6-month comprehensive package offers:

 Two 50-minute video coaching session every month
Personalized plans focusing on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and relationships
Unlimited online messaging support
Access to unlimited resources to support your healthy lifestyle modifications

BONUS: Book today and get FULL ACCESS to our Healthie app to track your progress, marking every milestone.

We can’t wait to celebrate the new you!

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Vitality Package

Your Path to Sustainable Wellness

Vitality Package Offers:

Monthly Video Coaching Sessions (50 minutes each)
Holistic Personalized Plans
Unlimited Online Messaging Support
Access to Unlimited Resources
Full Access to the Healthie App

Why Choose the Vitality Package?

Flexible Pace
Focus on Root Causes
Tangible Improvements

Embark on a transformative wellness journey with the Vitality Package. Prioritize your health without sacrificing your time. Your journey to lasting well-being starts here.

Invest in Your Health Today

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