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Ashley’s natural curiosity and love of learning launched her down the path of
functional medicine back in 2012


Courtnee’s health career began about a decade ago working in various conventional health care settings as a physical…


As an experienced ER nurse of 16 years, Emily decided to make a big change and become a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.


Jennifer has been practicing holistic health for over a decade professionally, and her entire adult life personally.

The Importance of Working with a Good Team When Making Lifestyle Changes

Enjoyable and Supportive

Making lifestyle changes can be a daunting task, but it becomes significantly more manageable and enjoyable when you have a team that makes you feel comfortable and supported.

The Power of Comfortable Allies

Having comfortable allies on your journey of transformation can provide emotional strength in numbers, making it easier to stay committed to your goals.

Motivation and Accountability

A team that you are comfortable with can serve as a constant source of motivation and accountability. You’re more likely to stay on track when you know there are people counting on you and you are not alone on your path.

Expertise and Guidance

Working with a team means access to a variety of skills and expertise. Each team member can contribute valuable insights and guidance, making your journey more informed and efficient.

Sharing Experiences and Tips

Comfortable teams often share their personal experiences and tips. This exchange of knowledge can help you avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your progress.

Boosting Confidence

Knowing that you have a team that believes in you can boost your confidence. This, in turn, can lead to greater self-assuredness in your ability to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Overcoming Challenges Together

Lifestyle changes come with challenges, and having a supportive team can help you tackle those challenges head-on. Together, you can find creative solutions and stay resilient in the face of obstacles and setbacks.

Creating Sustainable Habits

A comfortable team can help you establish and maintain healthy habits. Whether it’s in the realm of fitness, nutrition, or personal development, having a support system can make these habits more sustainable.

Improved Mental Health

Working with a team where you feel comfortable can positively impact your mental health. Sharing your goals and progress with others can reduce stress and anxiety.

Enhancing Personal Growth

Lifestyle changes often lead to personal growth. Being part of a team that encourages growth can help you unlock your full potential.

Building a Supportive Network

A team of like-minded individuals can become a valuable network for future endeavors. The connections you build during this journey can extend beyond your initial goals and turn into life long friendships.


In the quest to make significant lifestyle changes, the importance of working with a team where you are comfortable cannot be overstated. The support, motivation, and expertise they provide can be the driving force behind your success.


1. How do I find a team that makes me feel comfortable?

Finding the right team often involves networking, joining groups with similar goals, and assessing compatibility with potential team members.  Read their bio’s if available and schedule a introductory phone appointment to see if it is a good fit.

2. What if I don’t have a team? Can I still make lifestyle changes?

While a supportive team can be incredibly helpful, it’s possible to make lifestyle changes independently. Seek guidance from professionals and tap into online communities for support.

3. How can I stay motivated when working with a team?

Regular check-ins, setting milestones, and celebrating achievements with your team can help maintain motivation.

4. What are some common challenges when working with a team on lifestyle changes?

Challenges in team-based lifestyle changes can include differences in schedules, varying levels of commitment, and occasional conflicts. To overcome these challenges, communication is key. Openly discuss your schedules, set clear expectations, and resolve conflicts constructively to keep the team harmony intact.

5. Can a comfortable team really make a difference in my lifestyle changes?

Absolutely. A comfortable team provides the emotional and practical support you need to stay on track and overcome obstacles. They can be your cheerleaders, mentors, and partners in progress, making a significant difference in your journey toward positive lifestyle changes.

Remember that making lifestyle changes is a personal journey, but having a team that you are comfortable with can turn it into a collaborative and enriching experience. Surround yourself with supportive allies who share your goals and values, and you’ll soon find that your path to lasting change becomes more rewarding and successful.