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Frequently Asked Questions

What is holistic health coaching?

Holistic health coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a client, focusing on improving overall well-being by addressing various aspects of life, including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, sleep, relationships, assessing any toxins in your environment and emotional well-being. Our approach is truly holistic health coaching because it takes into account the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit to promote optimal health and balance. We consider the whole you.

How can a holistic health coach help me improve my overall well-being?

As functional medicine trained health coaches, we were taught that looking at your past and present health status helps to uncover areas you may not have considered. We then guide you into creating your vision of health and wellness. What does this truly mean to you and how will you live your life when you get there. Once that is determined, the work begins, the gap that we find ourselves in. Identifying those lifestyle areas that need attention to get you to your goals and working with you to create a personalized action plan. Your coach provides guidance, support, and education to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes, such as adopting healthier eating habits, incorporating regular exercise, managing stress, enhancing sleep quality, reducing the toxins in your environment, and nurturing positive relationships.

What are the principles and approaches followed in holistic health coaching?

Health coaching is rooted in principles such as bio-individuality (recognizing that each person has unique needs), the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, and the belief that lifestyle changes are essential for sustainable health improvements. It employs a client-centered approach, focusing on empowering individuals to take charge of their health and fostering self-awareness, self-care, and self-responsibility.

Can a holistic health coach assist me with specific health concerns or conditions?

Yes, our team is trained to help you make healthy lifestyle changes possible and sustainable, which allows for improvements in the areas you are most concerned about. Functional medicine is based on getting to the root cause which entails improving all areas of your life. Some of our successes include getting to a healthy weight and sustaining these changes, stress reduction, digestive concerns, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, headaches, skin conditions, autoimmune and more. By considering the whole person, rather than just symptoms or isolated problems, we can help you create your success toolbox. Additionally, we enjoy working in conjunction with other healthcare professionals as part of your collaborative care team.

What is the difference between a holistic health coach and other types of health professionals?

Health coaches fill the gap between what the doctor shares with you and reaching your health goals. The doctor is a provider of “directive care”. They wonderfully assess and communicate with you. However, we find that their patients often go home to wonder, “where do I begin” and quickly become overwhelmed. By working with a health coach, we take this information and break it down into bite size pieces. We help you start making those changes that you want to make in your life. We help you use your strengths to overcome some of your biggest challenges. Changes in health are never linear. We help you to get back on track quickly when life gets interrupted and guide you back to what matters most to you. You become immensely empowered.

How do you develop personalized health plans for your clients?

Together, coach and client, we co-create your personalized health plan. As a functional medicine trained health coaches, we bring overall knowledge in many areas of health which is extremely helpful in guiding you to where you want to go. We have comprehensive tools that encompass functional nutrition, exercise, stress reduction techniques, sleep hygiene practices, personalized self-care strategies, and mind body medicine strategies. In between sessions, you can interact via the Healthie App which has features with metrics to track your progress, chat with your coach and so much more.

What kind of lifestyle changes and practices do holistic health coaches typically recommend?

As functional medicine trained health coaches, we have many comprehensive tools to guide you in achieving your individual lifestyle health goals. This may include adopting a balanced and nourishing diet, engaging in regular physical activity or exercise, practicing stress reduction techniques like meditation or yoga, improving sleep habits, cultivating positive relationships, exploring mindfulness and self-care practices, and developing strategies for managing emotional and mental well-being.

Can holistic health coaching help with weight management and healthy eating?

Yes, our health coach approach has been highly effective in weight management. This includes weight loss and the very important part of keeping it off. We provide guidance on creating a balanced and nutritious eating plan that suits your individual needs, preferences, and health goals. We help you identify and address mental, emotional, and spiritual factors that contribute to unhealthy eating habits. Coaching you to develop sustainable strategies for weight management, portion control, mindful eating, and building a healthy relationship with food.

Do you provide ongoing support and guidance to clients during their health journey?

Yes, we provide ongoing support and guidance throughout their clients' health journey. We serve as a source of motivation, accountability, and encouragement, helping clients stay on track with their goals and navigate any challenges or setbacks. Offering regular coaching sessions, check-ins, and providing additional resources such as educational materials, recipes, or tools to support our clients in implementing sustainable lifestyle changes. In between sessions, you can interact via the Healthie App which has features with metrics to track your progress, chat with your coach and so much more.

Is holistic health coaching suitable for everyone, or are there specific individuals who can benefit more from it?

This functional medicine and holistic health coaching can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being. It is particularly suitable for those who are ready and motivated to make positive changes in their lives and are open to a holistic approach to health. People who are interested in taking a proactive role in managing their health, preventing illness, and promoting self-care can benefit greatly from working with a health coach. However, it's important to note that individuals with specific medical conditions should consult with their healthcare provider to ensure health coaching is appropriate and complementary to their existing treatment plans.