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Unleash Your Full Health Potential

Package Highlights:

  1. 60-minute Consultation: Dive deep into your health goals in a focused session.
  2. Four 30-minute Follow-Ups: Sustain progress with regular, tailored sessions.
  3. Unlimited Messaging Support: Stay connected for continuous guidance.
  4. Personalized Plans: Targeting nutrition, activity, sleep, stress, and relationships.
  5. Access to Resources: A wealth of tools supporting your lifestyle modifications.

Why this package?

  • Comprehensive Consultation: Begin with a detailed 60-minute session.
  • Regular Follow-Ups: Four 30-minute sessions for consistent guidance.
  • Continuous Support: Unlimited messaging for prompt assistance.

Unleash Your Health Potential

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Elevate Your Wellness with the Transformation Package!

Package Highlights:

  1. Two Monthly Video Sessions (50 mins): Double the insights, double the transformation.
  2. Holistic Plans: Nutrition, activity, sleep, stress, relationships – all-inclusive.
  3. Unlimited Messaging Support: Stay connected 24/7 for continuous guidance.
  4. Access to Resources: Endless tools for your transformative journey.
  5. Healthie App: Track progress, celebrate every milestone.

Why Transformation?

  • Intensified Coaching: Accelerate results with twice-monthly sessions.
  • Comprehensive Plans: Total well-being addressed in every plan.
  • Constant Support: Stay guided with unlimited messaging.

Transform Your Life

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 Discover Wellness, Unleash Vitality!

Package Highlights:

  1. Monthly Video Sessions (50 mins): Personalized coaching at your pace.
  2. Holistic Plans: Nutrition, activity, sleep, stress, relationships.
  3. Unlimited Messaging Support: Connect with your coach 24/7.
  4. Access to Resources: Endless tools for your wellness journey.
  5. Healthie App: Track progress, celebrate milestones.

Why this package?

  • Flexibility: Fit wellness into your busy life.
  • Root Cause Focus: Discover and address at your speed.
  • Visible Progress: Achieve tangible improvements.

Invest in Your Well-being

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Group Programs

Eczema, Allergies, Asthma…oh my!       

Starts the week of January 21st

What’s Included:

  • Five self-paced educational modules with videos, handouts, and resources
  • Access to our Healthie app for 1:1 chatting with your coach, community chatting, & metric tracking.
  • Five live group sessions to ask questions, share tips, and personalize changes to you & your family (yes, they are recorded if you miss one).
  • PLUS…50% off a monthly subscription to Meal Garden. Meal planning and recipes to fit your dietary needs.

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12 Week Holistic Weight Loss       

Starts September 10th

Transform Your Body: Empower Your Mind

  • (7) dynamic group sessions online facilitated by an expert in behavior change and functional medicine health
  • (12) weekly modules curated for you on topics and handouts on nutrition, sleep, stress relief techniques + more
  • Customize your experience by tracking what matters to you on our HIPAA compliant App
  • Tools and assessments that will guide you into a deeper sense of well-being

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7-Day Functional Medicine Liver Detox     

Starts January 8th

Coach Emily: “Two years ago, I was having random joint pain. I was getting annoyed and wanted to take control of my body. I decided to do this 7-day functional medicine liver detox. Since then, I have had no joint pain.”


  • Health coach (Emily)
  • (2) online sessions
  • Daily guidance by video, handouts, recipes, chat with your coach and group + more!

*Additional cost for detox products = $99