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Ashley’s natural curiosity and love of learning launched her down the path of
functional medicine back in 2012 when she heard the astounding story of Dr.
Terry Wahls and her healing journey from MS using food as medicine. Ashley
began seeking out evidence-based literature on nutrition, exercise,
supplements, and other healthy lifestyle behaviors that revealed how these
interventions could heal a host of chronic conditions and drastically reduce
the risk of the top-killing diseases. Inspired by all she was learning, she
methodically transformed her own life and eventually became certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. Ashley has a zest for life and is passionate about coming alongside people to pursue their health goals and build their ideal life.

Ashley is married and has two grown daughters and two teenage boys still at
home. She lives in Waco, Texas, near her alma mater, Baylor University, and
loves everything about living in a college town! Ashley has a 20+ year
background in interior design and launched a thriving pet services company
back in 2010. In addition to her business career, Ashley helped start a K-12
classical Christian University-Model® school with a small group of friends
who carried a vision for a different kind of education for their children. The
school is about to begin its tenth year with over 400 students. Ashley dreams
big and is excited about using her strengths to help others transform their