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Courtnee’s health career began about a decade ago working in various conventional health care settings as a physical therapist assistant. A deep desire to explore the root cause of health issues and what truly optimizes health, lead her to further her education and advance her career. She is a graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and is a certified health coach. Courtnee’s passion for functional medicine health coaching stems from more than just her experience working in conventional medicine, but also from the personal transformation holistic medicine has made in her own health journey. As an unhealthy child to young adult, she struggled with eczema, chronic ear infections, acne, chronic fatigue, anxiety and hormonal imbalance. For this reason, Courtnee now has a special interest in helping others find the freedom that comes from making healthy lifestyle changes.

Courtnee, her husband, toddler and newborn live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Beyond spending time with her friends and family, she also enjoys camping, hiking, podcasts, and traveling.