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Why you need to adopt the mind-body-spirit approach to losing weight

Have you tried just about every fad diet to lose weight? You’re not alone! According to the National Center for Health Statistics, around 49% of U.S. adults reported trying to lose weight through dietary changes each year. That’s almost half of the population. Maybe you’ve also tried exercise programs or weight loss products. Yet a lot of us are still struggling to lose weight. So we’re here to tell you what each of these methods is missing. (They’re missing the bigger picture.) At New Way Health Coach, we focus on the mind-body-spirit approach. 

And here’s why:


The mind is, in many ways, the most powerful part of the body. And if you think your body’s eating habits aren’t connected to your mind, read on my friend. According to experts, 75% of all eating is “emotionally driven”. Emotional eating is the self-soothing behavior of comforting yourself with food. We all do it and unfortunately, without addressing the underlying reasons we are seeking comfort, it can be very hard to change our behaviors. 

The role of stress is easily overlooked when it comes to weight gain. When the body is stressed, it releases a hormone called cortisol–best known for causing the fight or flight response. Cortisol can cause abdominal fat by stimulating your appetite. Unfortunately, staying stuck in fight-or-flight mode rather than rest-and-digest mode can slow your metabolism. If you’re experiencing prolonged stress, distress, or anxiety, then it might be time to dig deeper–deep enough to address the root causes of the stresses in your life.


When we finally do look at the body’s role in weight loss, it’s important to take the whole-body approach because weight gain can be connected to more than just how much you eat or exercise. Many health conditions can actually cause weight gain and these include diabetes, hormone imbalances, and immune system issues. And while your weight can put you at risk of different conditions, some of these conditions may come down to genetics.  If you’re struggling with PCOS, diabetes, or an autoimmune disease, it’s time to focus on the bigger picture rather than the symptom. Our customized mind-body-spirit approach can put you on the path towards recording from the symptoms that are holding you back. 


To us, spirit can play just as big a role in health as the systems of the body. Connecting with your spirit or with your greater purpose can bring fulfillment and joy. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It can take a lot of effort to work through trauma and limiting beliefs and it can be a challenging process. Many people are struggling to live their truth in response to outside pressures. At New Way Health Coach, we want to see you step into your true self, because that’s how real and lasting positive change is made. 


There is no one-size fits all and no magic pill. And that’s exactly why we’ve designed our 12 week holistic weight loss program around the individual experience. Through dynamic group sessions and our customizable tracking app, we want to make sure that each client gets exactly what they need on their journey. And if you want more one on one time with our coaches, we have private sessions available too!

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